Jacobs Limited

Scope of Works

The project was registered by the Engineering Contractors Industry Association as one of their UK NAECI major projects sites, and all works were carried out in accordance with the regulations and standards required on these projects.

The works consisted of new 4 pipe heating and chilled water installation over three floors. Domestic hot and cold water, stainless steel above ground drainage, full dry riser installations and off site pre-fabricated plant areas within this building plus other new buildings within a high integrity installation. The works were completed to the highest levels of specification with fully traceable material documentation, and quality requirements.

These standards required all materials used on the project to be have full compliance certificates and be accredited with the specification, through a verification process. This entailed ensuring that each and every item delivered to site down to each fitting was supplied with a certificate of comformity and annotated against the area of the installation in which it was installed on a drawing.